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Student Health

  Sports Physicals

What are the sport physical requirements and why do athletes need a physical yearly?

Hatch Pediatrics encourages teens to participate in all kinds of activities including sports. Sport activities can help teens discover their mental and physical strengths as well as start them on a consistent fitness program that can last a life time. Yearly sport physical are important in order to reduce risk of physical injury during organized sports. These physicals contain two parts. First is a pre-participation questionnaire followed by the actual physical exam. In Bozeman, Belgrade and the surrounding area, school sport physical are required yearly and must be completed after May 1st for clearance during the next academic year. The annual requirement allows the athlete to be reevaluated to ensure his or her risk for injury has not changed from the previous year.


What vaccines are recommended for teens and preteens? Why are these vaccines important?

The staff at Hatch Pediatrics wants to make sure everyone is as safe as possible against getting seriously ill. Therefore, we advocate for vaccines at all different ages including pre-teens and teens. The vaccines for teenagers help prevent serious infections as well as help prevent cancer. All the recommended vaccines are discussed individually below.

Here is the link for recommended vaccines:

Recommended Vaccines


Meningitis from the meningococcal bacteria is a rare but devastating disease. Infants as well as adolescents from the age 16-21 are at greatest risk. We recommend all teens receive this shot at age 11-12 and a booster at the age of 16-17. Please follow the link for further information:

Link to Meningitis Information

  Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis

Pertussis, whooping cough, can be a serious disease for infants and the elderly and it is not unusual for the community to experience outbreaks of this disease. We recommend getting a booster at age 11 to 12 years old. Please follow this link for more information:

Link to TDaP Information

  Human papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV is associated with cervical, head, neck and anal cancer. Cervical cancer kills 4,000 women yearly. We recommend the three shot series at age 11 to 12 for all teens both male and female. Please follow the link below for more information:

Link to HPV Information