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Your Teen

How time flies! As parents, that phrase is never more obvious as when our kids are almost adults! In only a few years they will be old enough to live on their own but are there things we can do now to help prepare them?

At Hatch Pediatrics we support parents as they support their kids and we are here to help families prepare their kids for adulthood. This is an exciting, and sometimes trying, time as parents encourage independence while teaching social, behavioral, and fiscal responsibility. We know that each family and teen are different and hope that you find information here that can help your family create memories while fostering personal growth.

  Skills every teen needs!

We know every teen is an individual and every parent has different expectations of how to prepare them for adulthood. We recommend having a family discussion on the things every adult needs to know when living on their own. One way to do that is to start with categories such as finance, housekeeping, cooking, safety, jobs, and social participation. Then the parents and teen can make a list of individual activities that will strengthen skills in each category. We have provided a sample list but we encourage parents and teens to work together to make their own list. As always, Hatch Pediatrics encourages communication and acceptance within families as well as fun!


1. Open a checking and saving account
2. Learn to use safe on line banking as well as balancing a checkbook on paper
3. Plan a budget and then practice it
4. Buy groceries
5. Fill out a job application

Housekeeping and Cooking:

1. Learn to cook and make a meal for your family
2. Do laundry
3. Learn to clean the house and treat your parent by cleaning
4. Try new foods
5. Learn to do simple mending


1. Learn to identify online, mail or in person fraud
2. Learn some self defense
3. Learn how to change a tire on a car or bike
4. Have a serious conversation about how to say no to drinking, drugs and texting while driving

Social Participation

1. Volunteer in the community
2. Read a book with purpose and for fun
3. Learn to give a speech
4. Practice face to face conversations with a friend on a difficulty subject without texting.

There are hundreds of ways to make a list or start the conversation. Have fun with it!


It is critical for teens to learn how to talk to a medical provider about health issues and at Hatch Pediatrics we feel that it is like learning any skill and it needs to be practiced over time. We are not here to take the place of a parent but we do offer the teen an opportunity to speak privately with the doctor automatically starting at age 13. This is an opportunity for them to discuss private issues with another adult. Confidentiality means that your teen may discuss issues with us that we will keep private. Legally adolescents have a right to confidentiality in regards to reproductive health care. However, we encourage interactions within the family and encourage teens to discuss serious issues with their parents. We offer to help facilitate this if necessary. It is also important to understand that issues of serious consequence such as suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts and abusive relationships will always be shared with parents.

  Website for parents

Parenting teens requires parents to balance patience, flexibility, understanding and guidance. Getting to a place of balance can be frustrating at times. Here are a couple links below that can help parents navigate through tough teen topics such as sleep changes, mood swings, stress, nutrition, attitude changes, alcohol, smoking, dating, parties, drug use, sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

Healthy Children

Mayo Clinic Tween and Teen Health

  Mental Health Concerns

Hatch Pediatrics is concerned about the physical AND mental health of all patients. Therefore, we offer questionnaires at each well visit to help assess risks for depression and anxiety and other behavioral concerns. It is important for you to know that the staff at Hatch is available anytime you have concerns about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or any behavioral concern. Please feel free to call us or make an appointment. The following two websites have some great information

Teen Mental Health

Mayo Clinic Mental Health


It is common for teens and pre-teens to experience depression. Here are good links for parents to find out more information:

Understanding Depression

  Eating Disorder

If you are concerned about your child having an eating disorder, they will need to be evaluated by a doctor. Here is a website with information to help with your concerns:

Teen Eating Disorders