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Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco


Most of us are exposed to TV, internet, movies or magazine advertising that portrays alcohol use as sexy and trendy. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can seriously affect a person's judgment, reaction time and inhibitions. It is not unusual to hear stories of how individuals end up in situations they later regretted after using alcohol. We recommend that teens do not drink alcohol until they are of legal age. However, if you or someone you know has been drinking alcohol, ensure no one drinks and drives a car, motorcycle or boat. Another VERY important thing to remember is that if a person is drunk, whether of legal age or not, they can't legally consent to having sex. Sexual assault is a very real and serious issue that can be worsened when alcohol is involved. In addition, the use of alcohol and energy drinks together can result in serious health issues including, on rare occasion, death. Early alcohol use can lead to alcohol addiction. If you are experiencing any type of addiction, please contact a parent or trustful adult who can help you. As always, Hatch Pediatrics is also available to help you navigate the resources available. Here are some useful links:

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  Drug Use

It seems that the pressure to try illegal drugs increases with each year. So teens need to be well informed of the risks of trying any illegal drugs. This includes smoking marijuana, misusing prescriptions medication and using harder drugs like meth. At Hatch Pediatrics we know that most teens are not using these drugs but the temptation and pressure may be there. It is important to find friends who will help you avoid people who will pressure you into using illegal drugs. In addition, you will want to find activities that will help you avoid parties when these drugs will be available. If you have some questions or concerns about drug use or feel you are already addicted, please contact a trusted adult or healthcare professional.

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It is not unusual to be offered a cigarette and feel pressure to try cigarettes as a teen. I am sure you have already heard the health risks of smoking but more importantly, nicotine is a highly additive chemical found in cigarettes and can lead to smoking addiction. Addiction can be quicker and stronger the younger a person starts smoking. Therefore, we do not recommend any smoking at any age. If you have already started let the staff at Hatch Pediatrics know so we can help you quit.

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