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Your Body


Finding time to exercise while you are balancing the pressures of school, home and extra activities can seem daunting! However, exercise has many physical and emotional benefits therefore making the struggle to find time for it is worth it. Water is the best way to rehydrate during and after exercise. Unfortunately, some people feel that an energy drink can give them an extra edge. Energy drinks have not been shown to be of any benefit and, in fact, can actually cause serious heart issues. We recommend a healthy diet instead to optimize your athletic performance. Here are some good links:

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Teen Fitness


I am sure you have heard the benefits of eating healthy foods and making good food choices. At Hatch Pediatrics, we embrace any diet that can give you well rounded nutrition. It is important to limit foods high in fat and/or sugar, and energy drinks in your diet and to make sure you get enough fruits and veggies, calcium, vitamin D and protein in your diet. There are many safe healthy diets including vegetarianism. The important part of any diet is to be informed.

Young Women Fitness

Teen Fitness

  Eating Disorder

It is tough to be a teen these days! Images of perfect male and female bodies are projected to the world through advertising and pop culture. It can be difficult to separate images projected in movies or videos or photographs from reality. Eating disorders are very serious and can have devastating consequences on your health. Although they are more common in women, men can also have an eating disorder. If you or someone you know is experiencing an eating disorder let a trusted as soon as possible.

Young Women Eating Disorders

  Body Image

Body image is tough. It is normal to compare yourself to others and it is easy to compare yourself to images in magazines or on TV. Remember that the images on TV, in videos and in magazines are modified by technology and are not reality. If you find yourself unhappy with your body, please talk to your doctor. Here are some interesting links for you to review:

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