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We are here for you

We love teenagers and at Hatch Pediatrics we are dedicated to giving them the best care. We understand adolescent care goes beyond sport physicals and we are here to help the teen and their family address all the physical, social, and emotional issues of this fun, yet complex, age. As adolescents transition into adulthood we understand how important it is for parents to stay involved. On the other hand, we are dedicated to helping the teen exercise independence and offer teens time to discuss sensitive issues with another adult. We offer a safe place for your son or daughter to experience confidential interactions with doctors trained to meet their needs. Our website offers this special section to assist parents and teens in getting accurate information from the internet.


What does confidentially mean for you?

At Hatch pediatrics, we understand that teenage years can be stressful and confusing. As you develop independence, your desire to seek accurate information from other places outside your family may be very strong. As you become older, we will provide private sessions with your doctor to allow you to discuss sensitive topics with a well-informed adult. Confidentiality during healthcare appointments means that discussions you have with your doctor will not be shared with anyone else including your parents. We encourage strong communication between you and your parents and are here to help you approach sensitive topics with them. Even if you feel the topic will be difficult for your parents, they know your strengths and are, typically, the best people to help you through difficult times. The final decision on what will be shared with your parents is yours unless you are in danger or have suicidal or homicidal thoughts or are in an abusive relationship.

  Websites for Teens

At Hatch Pediatrics, we encourage you to talk to your parents, counselor, doctor or another responsible adult, however, we know at times you would rather look things up for yourself on the internet. Not all internet resources are reliable. Here are two websites that can assist teens in information and can be a starting point for discussion with a trusted adult.

Young Women

Young Men

Teen Mental Health

  Peer Pressure

It can be difficult to stand up to a group of friends who want you to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing! However, it is a very important skill. Here are some links to help you think through how to stand up to your friends and peers.

Young Women Peer Pressure

Young Men Peer Pressure

  Driving and Distraction

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of death for teenagers in this country. People between the ages of 16 and 19 are at highest risk. And if you have a diagnosis of ADHD your risk increases 30%. With the addition of cell phones in everyday life of teens, distraction during driving has become a major issue. It is illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone in the city limits of Bozeman. Specifically, any texting while driving is very dangerous and should be avoided every time you are driving a car. Below are two great links.

Young Women Distracted Driving

Young Men Driving Safe