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Life as a teen can be tough and there are so many pressures teens face that it can be overwhelming. In general, learning to handle stress in appropriate ways is part of learning how to be an adult. The couple of links below talk about stress and give suggestions on how to deal with it. However, if stress is overwhelming, please talk to a trusted adult or make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

Young Women Stress

Young Men Stress


Feelings of depression and anxiety are common in life but the feelings can be especially difficult during the teen years. It is normal to have sad or anxious feelings for short periods of time. However, persistent sad, anxious, or helpless feelings need to be addressed quickly because they can be devastating and help is available. Also, please seek help if you have recurrent periods of sadness or crying, major changes in your appetite such as not eating or over eating, significant anger, being worried or nervous, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, thinking about death or wanting to commit suicide. It is also important to seek help if you have consistent trouble sleeping, focusing at school or at home, making a decision or are unable to enjoy things you usually enjoy and not wanting to spend time with friends. Please see the links below for more explanation:

Young Women Depression

Young Men Depression

  Suicide Prevention

If you feel like hurting or killing yourself, get help now. Please talk to a trusted friend or adult. Call the Help Center at 586-3333. This center is open 24 hours and will help anyone in crisis. Or text 'LISTEN' to 741-741 to communicate by text with trained counselors 24 hour a day.

Young Women Suicide

Young Men Suicide