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Sex & Sexual Orientation


As all people develop and mature, each person becomes aware of his or her sexuality. This is a time when each person becomes aware of their attraction to males or females. Here are some websites that offer information about this normal process:

Young Women Sexuality

Young Men Sexuality

Here are a couple of websites for individuals who become aware of gay, lesbian, or transgender feeling. There are local resources such as the Gay/Straight Alliance at Bozeman High School and the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) at MSU

Here are three other websites that offer support to gay and lesbian youth:

Amplify Your Voice

The Trevor Project

It Gets Better


The decision to add sex into a personal relationship is a personal one. Remember, not everyone is having sex. If someone is pressuring you to have sex or tells you that having sex will let him or her know that you really loved them, then it is time to re-evaluate the relationship and not to add the complications of sexual activity. If you feel you may be being pressured or are ready to start a sexual relationship, it is an important time to speak with a respected adult or health care professional.

Young Women Sex

Young Men Sex

Teen Sex

  Dating Safety and Violence

Safety within relationships is a big issue facing today's teens. Most often the person being abused is female and the abuser is male, however, this is not always the case. These articles are divided on gender lines but may be helpful to both males and females.

Young Women Dating

Young Women Safe Relationships

Young Men Dating Violence

  Pregnancy Prevention

When anyone engages in sexual activity, pregnancy is a possibility. Pregnancy prevention does not mean sexually transmitted disease prevention. That is another topic and it is important to think about both. Talk to a trusted adult about pregnancy prevention. There are good sources at Hatch Pediatrics but also at Bridgercare. Bridgercare offers very affordable options. They can be contacted at 587-0681.

Young Women Birth Control

Young Women Talk Sex with Your Parents

Young Men Contraseption

Young Men Abstinence

  Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections

Being sexually active brings the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The risk is decreased if a person is in a long term relationship with one person. However, many STIs do not have symptoms so are difficult to detect and treat. Unfortunately, a person might unknowingly transfer an infection to a partner. Here are some great links with more information. If you need further help you can contact Hatch Pediatrics or Bridgercare at 587-0681.

Young Women STIs

Young Men STIs